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We all need mentors. With so many voices telling us what to do, it’s vitally important that we have godly, thoughtful, experienced people showing us what to do. Preparing for a life in ministry is demanding work—and I’m not just talking about your seminary… Continue Reading “Mentoring”

Questions for growing – How are You with Your Calling?

Bill Wick gives us an extensive, pastor/leader questionnaire to move us to greater effectiveness as we help others follow the Lord.

Know Where to Find a Pastoral Job after COVID-19

The list of collateral damage caused by COVID-19 is long. Among the items on that list are the pastors who were looking for a job before the pandemic hit. Now, they are caught in job-search limbo, lingering between churches or between a seminary and… Continue Reading “Know Where to Find a Pastoral Job after COVID-19”

Women and Credentialing

Senior Pastors, Are Your Staff Women Credentialed? I love the prayers of Paul documented in Ephesians 1:17-19, Philippians 1:9-11, and Colossians 1:9-12. We can see Paul’s shepherd heart and the passion that he has to see the church and its leaders grow. His prayers… Continue Reading “Women and Credentialing”

What’s a Covenant in the Bible?

The Doctrine of Covenant by Michael L. Aiken Covenant is the way God relates to people. When God speaks he binds us, his image bearers, todo what he requires of us. The study of covenants is complex, but this paper will seek to summarizethe… Continue Reading “What’s a Covenant in the Bible?”