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How to Pray for Africa

Many of my mission/training trips have been to Africa: Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Liberia. I train national leaders to read, understand and preach the Bible. According to the Bible, my/our efforts will be in vain unless we pray, “I am the vine; you are… Continue Reading “How to Pray for Africa”

A Word of Great Encouragement

Feast here on God’s character and how He works for us.

Netflix’s Cuties: We need some help with the obscurantists

Brett’s clarity is refreshing. Read and think. Think some more. And maybe change your viewing habits. We are astounded at how Cuties could be defended; however, do we do intellectual gymnastics to watch what we watch?

Changing our Loves

This is long. May change you for the good. James K.A. Smith speaks at Wheaton College.

Our idolatrous substitutes for the Local Church

Admittedly, a tough title; and this review may not lead you to buy the book, but it should give you pause as you contemplate the community of the local church. Warning: it is a little difficult to digest but well worth it.


We all need mentors. With so many voices telling us what to do, it’s vitally important that we have godly, thoughtful, experienced people showing us what to do. Preparing for a life in ministry is demanding work—and I’m not just talking about your seminary… Continue Reading “Mentoring”

Unmasking, masking: Love, Freedom, Honor, and Respect

This might be the hottest topic in the church today. Brett McCracken hits the target. 4 Reasons to Wear a Mask, Even if You Hate It

Arminian? Calvinistic?

Book review: Long-time EFCA pastor and able theologian, Jack Brooks, provides a biblical, theological and logical examination of what he sees as the merits and shortcomings of both Calvinism and Arminianism. Written in an accessible style for scholar and layperson alike, this pithy but… Continue Reading “Arminian? Calvinistic?”

Legal Issues for Churches and Covid

Informing Congregants of a COVID-19 CaseWith churches at varying stages of reopening their buildings during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, there are numerous logistics to address.There are legal issues to evaluate, and safety precautions to navigate. There are also scenarios to anticipate.

Questions for growing – How are You with Your Calling?

Bill Wick gives us an extensive, pastor/leader questionnaire to move us to greater effectiveness as we help others follow the Lord.