The EFCA Network

The Ministerial Association of the EFCA

Welcome to your Network!

Here is what you’ll find on this growing site:


  • The Strategy of our Network
  • How to Give (see below)
  • The Synergy we seek for our movement
  • A Blog to house current discussion and resources
  • The History of our Association
  • An Archive containing resources and documents (e.g. annual reports)
  • Contact info for our current Board members

How to invest in your Network:

The Network no longer collects membership dues, but we depend entirely on voluntary donations to accomplish our goals! Simply click here to give through the EFCA’s secure online portal. Designation: EFCA Network

Or send your check to: EFCA Network – 901 East 78th St, Minneapolis, MN 55420

We challenge all former members of the Ministerial Association to continue investing $75 / year. You might consider asking your church to contribute $50 and you contribute $50. If you are new to the Network consider starting at $25 or $50. Check out our budget to see how we invest in all EFCA leaders for their health and ministry effectiveness!