Arminian? Calvinistic?

Book review: Long-time EFCA pastor and able theologian, Jack Brooks, provides a biblical, theological and logical examination of what he sees as the merits and shortcomings of both Calvinism and Arminianism. Written in an accessible style for scholar and layperson alike, this pithy but trenchant examination of the most relevant texts used to defend both theological perspectives is presented with grace, yet conviction.

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Legal Issues for Churches and Covid

Informing Congregants of a COVID-19 CaseWith churches at varying stages of reopening their buildings during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, there are numerous logistics to address.There are legal issues to evaluate, and safety precautions to navigate. There are also scenarios to anticipate.

Questions for growing – How are You with Your Calling?

Bill Wick gives us an extensive, pastor/leader questionnaire to move us to greater effectiveness as we help others follow the Lord.

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Know Where to Find a Pastoral Job after COVID-19

The list of collateral damage caused by COVID-19 is long. Among the items on that list are the pastors who were looking for a job before the pandemic hit. Now, they are caught in job-search limbo, lingering between churches or between a seminary and the church.

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Welcome to Your Network!

Dear EFCA Leader,

On behalf of thousands of pastors, missionaries, ministry directors and chaplains we praise God for you! As a servant leader in the EFCA movement you are a valuable member of the EFCA Network. The Network is us! It is the people who connect, serve, preach and lead in all kinds of ways, all kinds of churches and all kinds of ministries, all over the world in our One EFCA.

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Evangelism: It’s not a technique

Here are some powerful word from some dead theologians who wrote some fantastic books! Roland Allen was ahead of his time in his missiology and decidedly perceptive in addressing the mandate to evangelize.

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Functional Structures

The way a church is structured has a direct impact on its ministry effectiveness. Preacher and ministry leader Tom Skinner described the beginnings of an outreach program as 100% ministry. You are out in the community talking with people, praying with people, starting Bible studies, doing follow up. But over time a new reality creeps in – administration. The more people and groups and leaders that get involved, the more oversight and scheduling and management is required. Pretty soon, as the leader, you have very little involvement in ministry and all you are doing is what Skinner called “monster.”

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Women and Credentialing

Tammy Medders, New City Church

Senior Pastors, Are Your Staff Women Credentialed?

I love the prayers of Paul documented in Ephesians 1:17-19, Philippians 1:9-11, and Colossians 1:9-12. We can see Paul’s shepherd heart and the passion that he has to see the church and its leaders grow. His prayers remind me of my own desire as a church leader to be filled with the knowledge and insight of God, and lately I have been praying these not just for myself, but for all the women on staff across our EFCA churches.

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Thoughts on this Present Pandemic

It has been just about two months now since our society began shutting down. It seems strange to say it that way because so many things are still going. But it is the personal interaction between people outside of immediate family that has largely been eliminated. Sitting, talking, shaking hands, having lunch together, going out for a cup of coffee, church work projects, youth group adventures, singing together, hugging good friends… all gone.

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