Questions for growing – How are You with Your Calling?

Bill Wick gives us an extensive, pastor/leader questionnaire to move us to greater effectiveness as we help others follow the Lord.

  1. Have you recently looked at anything published or on television, video, DVD, film, computer or any such media that contained sexual nudity and accompanying relationships inappropriate for a Christian man of God to watch?
  2. Have you set aside and kept adequate time alone with your wife this week?
  3. Have you set aside and kept adequate time for intercessory prayer with regard to your son this week?
  4. Since you were last asked have you been with a member of the opposite sex in a setting or situation that could even possibly be perceived as inappropriate?
  5. Have you maintained without any violation the “opened door”/”glass door” policy when a female has been in your office? Are there any accompanying thoughts or desires (including lust) that you need to share with your wife?
  6. Specify the times and content of your personal quiet time during the past seven days. Indicate the specific Scriptures that you are studying for yourself and NOT for sermon preparation as well as your practice of Scripture memorization.
  7. When did you last set aside and practice a day of prayer and fasting?
  8. For whom are you intentionally praying for his/her salvation and how have you acted so as to visibly and verbally share the gospel in the last week?
  9. Are you regularly and intentionally praying for those under whose authority you live or serve?
  10. Is there anyone against whom you presently hold a grudge, continue to be angry or bitter and/or
    nurse an unforgiving spirit?
  11. Are there any known sins in your life for which you have not sought God’s forgiveness through
    confession (including misuse of your tongue: slander, profanity, gossip, or rumor)?
  12. Of whom do you need to ask forgiveness or to whom ought you to offer an apology?
  13. In the light of such sins, what specific steps are you taking that demonstrate genuine repentance?
  14. What actions have you performed and what attitudes have you tolerated within yourself that are self-serving, haughty, prideful or boastful?
  15. Describe your commitment to physical exercise during the past fourteen days.
  16. Have you disciplined yourself in consuming a balanced and limited daily diet of food?
  17. Have you tithed from all gift and income monies you have received this month including declaration of all tips and receipts of cash payments for labor performed?
  18. Have you been absolutely above board in all financial dealings including IRS 1040 taxes?
  19. Have you told any lie to anyone in the last seven days (including exaggeration, or manufactured and untrue sermon illustrations …)?
  20. Are you working hard at personal listening skills including restraint from interrupting others when
    they are speaking?
  21. My I ask your wife these questions about you and have you just lied to God, her or me?

Rev. William S. Wick
Norwich University Chaplain
White Chapel
158 Harmon Drive
Northfield, Vermont 05663
802-485-2128 (office) 802-485-7877 (home) 802-272-0595 (cell)) or Updated 11/03/2015

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