Invest in Trinity

As EFCA leaders, many of us were shaped by an education at TEDS. The COVID crisis has been a devastating challenge for all universities this year, and Trinity is no exception. As in the past, it is time for the churches and other EFCA leaders to stand with our school and help them continue to prepare godly leaders for our future!

Join Trinity as we seek to raise $46,798 to cover two full-tuition Presidential scholarships for students in need at TEDS and Trinity College.

In addition, we are looking for 100 alumni & friends that have never given to Trinity, to start by giving $5!

What’s more… every gift by December 31st will be matched, up to $250,000, by Trinity’s Board of Regents. Double your impact now!

Will you join us in supporting the next generation of leaders?

Give now!

2 Comments on “Invest in Trinity

    • Sorry to hear this, Robert! No doubt it’s been a busy time for the school with everything going on. Probably you just need to find the right point of contact. Press on!


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