Annual Report and Meeting

The repurposed Ministerial Association was relaunched as the EFCA Network two years ago, shifting from a membership based group for pastors to a relational network uniting all leaders in our one EFCA. We no longer ask for annual dues, but gladly accept donations. You are a vital part of our Network and we give thanks for your character, calling and commitment to our shared mission to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all peoples! 

We hope you are planning to participate in the upcoming virtual Theology Conference, Feb. 3-4. Many pastors and other leaders plan to gather in regional clusters to watch the sessions together, providing opportunities to safely pray, connect and process the content. 

The annual report and meeting of the Network will take place right after the Theology Conference concludes, at 4 p.m. central time on Thursday, February 4. Simply click here to join the open zoom discussion at that time. (Meeting ID: 778 134 4557; Passcode: 455027). Hear from your eight representative board members on what the Network means to us. We will share our financial report and present our budget for 2021. Credentialed EFCA leaders who join the zoom will serve as our voting members to discuss and approve the budget. 

2 Comments on “Annual Report and Meeting

  1. I was unable to join you for today’s annual meeting via ZOOM, but was wondering if the meeting was recorded and if we can receive any handouts via e-mail. Thanks for all your work on our behalf!


    • Yes, we recorded the entire zoom and it is now online on our blog, along w/ key documents from the presentation. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions!


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