We are now The Network!

Many thanks to the MA members who came to the presentation and business meeting last night. It was encouraging to sense the unity and excitement in the room as we remembered our history (check out the new 4 minute video!), focused on our values and looked ahead to our new approach.

Here is the presentation if you’d like to review what we discussed. This slide shows our desire to preserve the historic values of our association.


Here is the packet we handed out if you’d like to look over the details of the change.

These slides show the primary points we are changing:



Please welcome our two new board members:

  • Jon Payne – District Superintendent for the Forest Lakes District (WI).
  • Clinton Hogrefe – Senior Pastor in Stanton, NE

They will be joining our new chairman  – Todd Hessel (Lead Pastor of Ankeny Free in Iowa) – and continuing members Kelly Larson (Lead Pastor in Bishop Creek, CA) and Paulo Freire (Lead Pastor in NJ).

Here’s what’s coming in 2019!


If you are a part of the EFCA, welcome to the Network! Whether you are a pastor, missionary, chaplain or ministry director, you are the Network. We are the Network. Every time we meet together; every time we encourage each other; every time we serve together – we live out the vision for the Network!


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