Chinese Credentialing

Article by Chi Eng Yuan

When God called us, Chi Eng and Kar-Shan, to serve Him as the itinerant pastors of the Association of North American Chinese Evangelical Free Churches between 2013 and 2018, we have found that the pastors, the lay leaders, the congregation of most Chinese Evangelical Free Churches did not know well the statement of faith of EFCA and its ethos. The need to understand the statement of faith in Chinese has been crucial. 

The first project was to ask permission and to find qualified people to translate Evangelical Convictions and Gospel Truth by Greg Strand, the Director of Biblical Theology and Credentialing for the EFCA, which started in 2016. Furthermore, when a wave of new pastors took the role of shepherding the flocks, we were asked by new pastors and lay leaders of Chinese EF churches about the process of being credentialed from getting a ministry license to a certificate of ordination in the Evangelical Free Churches of America. Since all documents are in English, the need to translate those documents into Chinese has been raised.

Since our retirement in 2020, God gave us a new vision to encourage pastors and to walk with them along the ministry journey, and we could “change the tires” to serve Him as volunteers. God answered our prayers in His Way and in His Timing. ANACEFC board appointed us on Jan 19, 2020, as the Liaison officers of ANACEFC with the Evangelical Free Church of America. The Evangelical Free Churches of America Network (Ministerial Association of EFCA) also invited Chi Eng to be its board member and appointed him officially on Feb 6, 2020.

Read the full article and Chinese EFC newsletter here.

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