The New Guy

by Kerry Doyal, District Superintendent Allegheny District

Thank God for the Last Guy

Great Guy

Gifted Guy

Godly Guy

I ain’t the Last Guy

That is hard for many

 –  disappointing, discouraging, disorienting 

 –  I don’t. I can’t. I haven’t. I won’t. 

God bless them. Sincerely. 

Hard times for many

Adjustments, disappointments

Only so much I can do, be for them 

Change is hard, hurtful 

I ain’t the last guy

I am the next guy

 – the new guy

 – the now guy

I will not try to imitate

Will not seek to emasculate

Will not not be who God made me

Will not avoid my gifts, strengthens, 

 – even when different

 – even when inferior

 – even when surpassing

It’s His place, His work, His church

He has brought me here

They called me here

 – some with deep regret now

 – others with ambivalence 

 – others with delight 

I am not vilified by this

I am not vindicated by this

I am neither victim nor victor

I am the New Guy

I am to serve according to His gifts, calling

Thank you, God for the Last Guy

Thank you, God, for letting me be the Next Guy 

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