What is the Network?

WE ARE the Network. If you are a leader in the EFCA, then you are a part of our Ministerial Association. We picture our movement as a cross-shaped tree for we are Christ-centered. The leaves represent the diversity and unity of our movement as we seek to multiply all kinds of churches among all people groups on earth, yet we are One EFCA.

We thank God for the faithful servant leaders who have built sturdy and efficient structures to support the growth of our movement. District offices, the National team, Reach Global and our chaplaincy program each provide a trellis on which the EFCA vine is growing.

The Network is the root system of our movement. Thousands of EFCA leaders, overlapping, intersecting and growing together in pursuit of our common mission to glorify God as we multiply transformational churches among all peoples.

The Ministerial Association has always been about connecting EFCA leaders with one another for three central purposes:

  1. Character
  2. Clarity in our theology
  3. Commitment to our mission

The first 37 EFCA pastors formed the Ministerial Association in 1894 to protect the character and integrity of our growing movement. Definition had to be given to who was a recognized Free Church Pastor and who was not. This was tightly bound to clarity in our theology – founded on the truth and authority of Scripture and centered on the essential doctrines of the faith. And those pastors knew they would be “better together” with joint commitment to collaborate on both national and international missions.

These remain our core values as a Network. We seek to promote the EFCA culture of Biblically-grounded, Gospel-centered partnership for the building of Jesus’ church and the unending glory of God. The main way we do this is simply by encouraging leaders in what makes us “Free Church” people. This is about our identity and our ethos. It is about deepening our roots in Scripture and the Gospel and about strengthening our ties with one another. The Network is the “one anothering” of the EFCA.

If the root system of the EFCA grows deeper and wider through a strong and diverse Network of interdependent leaders the vine will flourish! That is our prayer and our plan and we give thanks to our sovereign and creative God for each leader and what you bring to the family tree!

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