Evaluating a Sermon

And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual.” 1 Corinthians 2:13

In light of the fact that preaching is our Lord’s method of maturing his Church, here are nine points to help us evaluate our own sermons and to learn from other’s sermons.

  1. Scripturality
  • Is the main idea in the text?
  • Are the lateral ideas related to the text?
  • Are adjacent points at least consistent with that Scriptural text?
  1. Truth
  • Are theological conclusions and applications truthful?
  • Is the sermon Christocentric?
  1. Clarity
  • Are the preacher’s points clear and adequately argued?
  • Are his choices of words helpful?
  • Are key terms defined adequately?
  • Do his points provide a cogent sequential message?
  • Do his illustrations clarify or muddle?  
  1. Edification
  • Is it spiritually helpful?
  • Are hard to say truths couched in Christian love?
  • Is the application of the truth clear and practical?
  • Is the sermon geared for the variety of ages and circumstances for the congregation to understand?
  1. Godliness
  • Does the sermon promote holiness before God?
  • Does the sermon exhibit the fruit of the Spirit, or is it self-serving, unkind, trivial, slanderous, etc?  
  1. Importance
  • Does the main point address a spiritual need in that congregation?
  • Is the main idea recognized as important to the listeners?
  • If not, was the preacher able to convince the congregation of its importance?
  1. Profundity
  • Does the sermon wrestle with difficult, or only with easy issues and questions in the text?
  • Does it get to the heart of a matter?
  • Does it note subtle distinctions and nuances that are easy to ignore?
  • Is it thought provoking?
  1. Form and Style
  • Is it appropriate to the setting?   
  • Does it show creativity?
  • Is it delivered with poise, proper annunciation and grammar?
  • Does the preacher intentionally resemble others or is he genuine and being himself?
  • Is the preacher attentive to time?

By Pastor Paulo Freire

Hope  ChurchWantage, NJ

Download as a word doc.

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