Welcome to Your Network!

Dear EFCA Leader,

On behalf of thousands of pastors, missionaries, ministry directors and chaplains we praise God for you! As a servant leader in the EFCA movement you are a valuable member of the EFCA Network. The Network is us! It is the people who connect, serve, preach and lead in all kinds of ways, all kinds of churches and all kinds of ministries, all over the world in our One EFCA.

  1. Stay connected with your ministry peers. Don’t walk alone.
  2. Keep growing personally and professionally. Don’t get stuck.  
  3. Find your sweet spot to maximize your kingdom contribution. Don’t get sidetracked. 

Hear this from your fellow leaders:

As your repurposed Ministerial Association, we no longer ask for membership dues but we do appreciate donations to support our Network initiatives related to leader health, recovery, growth, connectedness and effectiveness.  You might start with $20 or $25 this year and aim to increase your investment in your fellow leaders each year. Simply visit www.EFCA.Network/give

Learn more about your Network at www.EFCA.Network. Get to know the new Network Board, which includes pastors in different settings and church sizes, ministry directors, a missionary and a District Superintendent. We exist to encourage leader to leader relationships. Every call, every meeting, every Zoom, every email and text between leaders is an expression of the relational root system in the EFCA that is the Network. Check out our resources page at www.EFCA.Network/resources and send in your favorite tools and ideas to share!

Our prayer for you is that you will remain a healthy, growing and effective gospel worker through every season of your life and ministry. The EFCA offers many opportunities and resources to support you and the Network’s goal is to help communicate and encourage participation in what is already available. 

We are “better together.” You need other leaders beside you, and they need you. 

Your Network Board is available to pray with and encourage you. You can find our bios and contact info at efca.network/contact-our-team

Serving Jesus and His Church with you,

Your Network Board

Darin, Bob, Paulo, Clint, Tammy, Jon, Jonathan, & Chi Eng

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