Children’s and Family Ministry Resources

Every church needs to prioritize security and training in their children’s ministry. As a Family Pastor for four years at Church at Charlotte, and having overseen children’s ministry at two other churches, here are some resources I have assembled over the years. Please share the documents, links and tools you have found most helpful!

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  1. Philosophy of Family Ministry – a brief history and explanation of the basic views on how churches should support parents from entirely church driven drop off programming to totally family-integrated approaches, with family-based and family-equipping models in the middle.
  2. Family Ministry Handbook – a complete training manual for parents and volunteers in a church of 150 or so.
  3. Children’s Ministry Overview – an introduction to our church’s strategy of partnering with parents to raise kids to know, love and follow Jesus.
  4. Children’s Ministry Team – a small church model for volunteer leadership.
  5. Youth Protection Policy – key procedures for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our children.
  6. Childcare Policy – a large church (2000+) document on requesting and implementing programs involving paid (or volunteer) childcare.
  7. 7 Milestones – a small church adaptation of Brian Hayne’s Shift that proposed key milestones in which churches should support parents in the development of their children. 

Here are some excellent books to consider for church leadership with kids and families:

Here are some book recommendations for Biblical parenting:

And here are some excellent resources available on Right Now Media:

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