Great Books

From time to time, well maybe 3 times, someone has asked me what I’m currently reading. I’m usually working on several books at the same time, and sometimes, in a Mortimer Adler kind of way, if the book isn’t top notch, I don’t finish it. There is too much out there that is excellent to waste my time on something pedestrian. Adler’s book, entitled, How to Read a Book, was required reading in the past for college freshmen. It should still be required reading for everyone. One of his guidelines is that if the book starts well and drops off in quality, don’t finish it. If after a giving it a go, it isn’t that good, don’t waste your time.

Additionally, it is helpful to read books that are recommended by reliable sources. I seldom, if ever, read something that has not been highly recommended. There are many average and good and pretty good books out there. I want to read the great ones. This is a great one.

Here is the introduction to a 14 day devotional based on Dane Ortlund’s new book, Gentle and Lowly: the heart of Christ for Sinners and Sufferers, followed by the link to buy the book on Amazon.

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