A Podcast Worth Listening to from our School – Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

I’m not a real podcast person. Admittedly, not a great first line for this post. Maybe it’s my short attention span, or that I’m not really interested in listening to small talk for 15 minutes before anything substantive is said….well this one is different. Its only 36 minutes long, so they get at it fairly quickly. You skip to the 2 minutes 27 seconds if you want to miss the cat comments, etc. Additionally you can speed up to a max. of 2X, and they actually address current issues effectively.

Here’s the link and introduction from the TEDS podcast center. And, once you listened to this one you can access others.


In this episode, Dr. Michelle Knight and Dr. James Arcadi interview Dr. Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, who has been back at TEDS since 2012. (We’re so glad that he is!)

James and Michelle learn about Kevin’s long-standing interest in hermeneutics, his passion for Christian education, and his vision for equipping the church and the academy. We also learn about how those values have shaped his career.

If you enjoy this episode and want to understand more about the relationship being sound doctrine and faithful Christian practice, be sure to grab a copy of Kevin’s latest book: Hearers and Doers (2019), published by Lexham Press.

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