Start with Prayer

I’m sitting at home with my i phone, i pad, i laptop (Mac Book Pro), i golden – 75 pound – doodle, my wife and her mom. There is also some furniture and other key amenities but the first list is the most important. Most of of you are probably in a similar situation, some have pre-schoolers running wild and free! Last night at our Zoom community group meeting, with pre-schoolers, featured a shared screen with the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones, an announcement that Callie’s dog threw up 5 times, and a truncated sermon discussion.

One of thoughts going through my mind is – Don’t waste the Virus! God has good and wise plans and let’s take advantage with some extra Bible reading, jumping in to unexpected opportunities to listen and help, some extended phone calls, games with the family, a few Netflix moves with guidance from Brett McCracken (Gospel Coalition), Zoom worship services, and let me suggest – some extra prayer.

We’re stuck. At home. Seems like our hands are tied. That might be a good thing for a change.

Here’s a link that might jump start your prayer.

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