The Preaching Sandbox

ColinSmithPastor Colin Smith (The Orchard Church, Chicago)

Here is a super helpful framework for Biblical preaching from one of the great expositors in our movement:

The Preaching Sandbox

This tool makes it clear that the central priority in preaching is to exalt Jesus Christ. “We proclaim Him!” “We resolved to know nothing among you except Christ and him crucified.” Do your messages move people to worship Jesus? Do they lift up the Lord so He can draw people to Himself?

With that primary goal in mind, the sandbox provides a four part evaluation:

  • Is it Biblical – does it clearly emerge from Scripture and press home the key phrases in your text?
  • Is it Theological – does it teach an important doctrine, helping people believe and apply it?
  • Is it Clear – is it well organized and easy for people to follow?
  • Is it Compelling – is it well illustrated to drive home the key points?

If you are not familiar with the ministry of Colin Smith check out his online ministry at Unlocking the Bible. Born and raised in Scotland, Colin served for 16 years at Enfield E Free Church in London, then came to Arlington Heights E Free in 1996 where he continues to serve. He has been shaped by the old British Puritans (John Owen, Robert Murray M’Cheyne) and the great European Reformers, plus more recent Bible preachers like Martin Lloyd Jones and theologians like A.W. Pink.

One of his most helpful Bible studies is called Momentum. With a very user friendly video format it walks you through the Beatitudes as a sequential pathway to change. This year Colin and his team set up an evangelistic site called Open The Bible to support a one year sermon series through Scripture. “The whole Bible is one story and it all points to Jesus.”

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