Below are the significant changes that were discussed and approved at the MA Business meeting on Thursday, February 7, 2019, in Deerfield, IL.

Our current Bylaws document is available here: EFCA Network Bylaws.

  1. Name: change from the Ministerial Association of the EFCA to the EFCA Network
  2. Purpose: change to “support District, National and International initiatives for the care and effectiveness of all EFCA leaders” (see strategy rationale here)
  3. Membership: change from MA members to all EFCA leaders (any who qualify for a ministry credential)
  4. Leadership: voting membership and service on the Network Board are reserved for those with an active ministry credential
  5. Representation: allow for expansion of Network Board (currently 5 members only) to include up to nine leaders from a broader range of ministry including female leaders, missionaries, church staff positions, etc.
  6. Funding: change from annual membership dues to voluntary (tax-deductible) donations

Read the full Bylaws Proposal with old language crossed out and proposed changes highlighted here: Proposed Amendments to the Ministerial Association Bylaws. We have gone over the details carefully to ensure consistent compatibility with the EFCA Constitution and Bylaws. This will be important this summer since 100 or more delegates to EFCA One will come as members of the Ministerial Association. The change to the Network will not affect this representation but will continue it.

Read over the details for the funding change.